Corinda Christian Kindergarten | The Program
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The Program

We offer learning experiences designed to enhance children’s self confidence and foster a love of learning.

  • We provide a planned educational program in a safe, attractive and stimulating environment, operating under the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and Qld Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.
  • In our program, each child is valued as an individual with differing interests, abilities and needs.
  • In their daily interactions, the Educators observe each child and plan specific experiences which will enhance their wellbeing and development – whether it be physical, social, cognitive, spiritual or emotional.

A typical day at Corinda Christian Kindergarten might be:

8:45amArrival & Outdoor play session
9:30amMunch & Crunch
10:30amPack up & move Indoors
10:45amLanguage /Discussion/Story time
Morning Tea
11:15amIndoor Play session
Pack up & Music session
Prepare beds for rest
1:45pmRest Time followed by quiet activities, a game or a story
2:45pmDeparture Time

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