Corinda Christian Kindergarten | Fees
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We are a non-profit, community based Kindergarten. The fees payable by families are determined by the Management Committee and are levied on a term basis.
Fees for 2022
Waiting List (non-refundable)$20.00
Enrolment Fee (non-refundable)$100.00
Corinda Christian Kindergarten and Preschool Association Inc. Membership fee per member$0.50c
Annual Kindy Portal Fee ($10/term)$40.00
Pre-Prep Fees per term:
– Group 1
– Group 2
* Surcharge for attending both groups $200
Maintenance Roster Levy (per term)
To be reimbursed in December upon completion of minor tasks
Late Fees$50.00

Fees are revised on an annual basis. Families eligible for QKFS Plus will receive a fee reduction.

* Fees for QKFS funded enrolments

* Surcharge for attending both groups $200 

Payment can be made via EFT:

Bank: Bank of QLD
Account Name: Corinda Christian Kindergarten
BSB: 124028
Account Number: 21849191

QKFS Plus provides an additional subsidy for families who hold a valid health care or concession card as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families with 3 or more children of the same age who attend kindergarten.


QKFS Plus applies for pre-prep aged children (ie children turning 4 by the end of June).


You will need to provide your health care / concession card (HCC) details at enrolment to receive a Health Care Card fee reduction subsidy.


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